Guy is a director, designer, creative technologist, researcher. He designed and runs a movement science laboratory for exploration and research into creativity, movement, narrative forms and technology at Barnard, Columbia University, New York. He works as a director and designer in many forms of theatrical practice around the world, has collaborated with Artists Broomberg and Chanarin and Brian O' Doherty in VR, ('Woe from Wit' 2019), is a cinematographer and film-maker. 

He was Internet and Communication Technology Director NGO, ASWA - African Sex Worker Alliance and
travelled throughout Africa capacity building and teaching in ICT, Internet and Communication Technology, Film and Editing Technology, the designing of Technical Digital Workflow Architecture as well as Narrative and Media skills for the purposes of Healing and Human Rights Advocacy. In 2013 was acting head supervisor for the NGO. 

Recent projects included "The Kingdom of Nothing" a large-scale immersive interactive physical theatrical experience for youth in Seoul, South Korea. His practice and research is focused on "setting up the mood of chaos to make a meaningful heart" - Mimi Son

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020