I am a 26 year old female Malaysian-Australian visual artist, curator and producer, recently relocated from Adelaide to Darwin.

I am a freelance writer, artist and editor who also works in the music industry for Skinnyfish Music. For some time my work has been focused on being a woman of colour and a Muslim woman in Australia, reconnecting with my culture while reconciling my place in Western society. As my skills develop, I wish to work more actively to connect Australian, Indigenous Australian and South East Asian culture through visual arts, music and events. Relocating to Darwin as a permanent resident is significant as an active arts worker in a transient society. I wish to continue working, improving and engaging as many people from as many different cultures as possible. There is a thriving arts community here, but it requires continuous support and skilled workers in order to ensure it continues to thrive. 

Arts Front Under 30 Symposium – September 2018, Newcastle

Sep 26 2018 To Sep 28 2018