Member Profile : Ilka Blue

Hi, I’m Ilka Blue, living/working on Gulibul/Githabul Country in the foothills of the Border Ranges in company with Boodahbee (Koala), Jiruhng (Goanna), Wayileh (Black Cockatoo) and a resurgence of Wudjeh Wudjeh (Red Cedar). I came here to listen and learn from the diversity and extinction that pulses in this place. I’m not sure I’m any wiser after 4 years, but I’ve cleared a lot of lantana, self-published ‘Cloud Tales’ and made a few videos on storytelling as a primary survival tool in context of planetary health.

My work is produced through Latorica Studio, an earth-centric educational platform, a slow burner that produces words and moving image to inspire healthy connection with land and waters. Based on a highly intuitive and cerebral tapestry of storytelling, Latorica offers creative insight and function-centred actions for people tending our planet.

In conventional terms, I have a Masters of (Arts) Research and a background in arts and environmental communications working with government, industry, academia, NGO's and the community sector.
Thesis: ‘Storytelling Beyond the Anthropocene: a quest through the crises of ecocide toward new ecological paradigms’

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