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Janie Gibson is an actor, theatre-maker and teaching artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She uses the ritual of theatre as a forum for human connection; a site to hold radical ideas, witness multivalent perspectives and offer counter-narratives to the confinements of the dominant culture. She tells stories in the quest to redefine personal, cultural and political identity through the radical act of being seen and heard. The stories we tell and are told forge our sense of self. They influence how we act and are acted upon. The narratives we live in can limit us, or expand our sense of possibility. Stories are road maps. Stories can be medicine. 

She practices in the lineage of Eastern European ensemble theatre and devised contemporary performance and has worked internationally with Anu Almagro (Song of the Goat), Odra Ensemble (Poland), Ultimavez (BE) and Shakespeare and Company (USA) and nationally with NEXT WAVE, Tantrum Youth Arts, PACT Theatre, BYDS and UTP. Most recently she designated as a Linklater Voice teacher in the Freeing the Natural Voice method; a vocal training designed to awaken the innate expressive and creative potential of the human voice. 

An online symposium exploring ideas of basic income and the need for an approach to economy that puts creativity and care at its centre. Led by a panel of artists, researchers, economists, scientists and philosophers, the symposium responds to current and ongoing planetary crises, and positions creativity and social ecology as integral to shaping policy and systems of value.

May 28 2020 To May 28 2020