Photo with Boom Boom

Joseph Burgess is an animator and multidisciplinary artist: Hailing from Portland, Oregon. He works in Australia as a tech and all rounder creative. Joseph’s primary creative work is as a sound designer and as a practical creative for conceptual artists. This work often calls for building and designing bespoke interdisciplinary solutions. Joseph worked on "Harps of the City' as part of Vivid 2019 with lead artist Josh Wilkinson. The project combined an inherent love of timber with electronics and lighting to make something tactile and interactive.   

Joseph came to Australia in 2012 to investigate a scientific animation project. This project inevitably led to running around the Australasia creating artful stop-motion animations and site specific activations. The project further involved capturing a collection of documentary interviews with palaeontologists, geochronologist, hydrogeologists, and ancient DNA researchers. In 2019 Joseph married evolutionary biologist Dr. Melina Celik and happily lives in Brisbane collaborating and watching One Piece. 

Joseph currently works at University of Queensland looking after academics and works behind the scenes as a technical artist on art activations for Bleach Festival, People Artist Place, Modifyre. His personal works include walking a giant extinct goose down the street of Alice Springs and flying eagles from the tops of the tallest cranes in Christchurch. Joseph’s latest musical release is on Spotify, No Rego No Problem.