Member Profile : Laine Hogarty

Laine employs visual art and design as an agency through which she interrupts the set patterns of everyday life. Injecting into the urban village an unexpected point of exchange ensures that a connection to place is reinforced. She is intrigued by the possibility that less obvious responses to social space might be an enriching way to appreciate daily experience.

Laine’s cross-disciplinary visual art practice includes installation, sculpture, drawing and digital design. Through the creation of real and imagined spaces she invites the viewer to examine pre-conceived assumptions by blurring the lines between the known and unknown.
More often, her artworks are ephemeral and reflect upon the impermanency and unpredictability of human experience. Laine’s works often take the form of unexpected interventions. Central to this idea is the way in which we approach, experience and imagine space as it is in the built environment and in the landscape.

Laine’s practice includes engagement with local communities and groups. She has completed four art residencies and has participated in numerous public art festivals. Since her graduation with a Masters in Fine Art in 2011 (Art in Public Places RMIT), she was awarded an Australia Council Art Start Grant and won the Rockwood Sculpture Prize in 2014.

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020