Right now I have a studio warehouse The lucky goat arts factory that I produce pottery and ceramic artwork. Occasionally small groups. We also play music . I share the art factory With another artist Brett Todman . My process is I make earthenware cups and bowls as handmaiden. I produce them my self I throw underglaze paint And glaze. Artist grew up living in Fremantle and outskirts industrial Influence . My family immigrated from Sicily. My father life was influenced by the sea and boats for generations. My mother arrived post ww2 . Thriving with opportunity in a new country. As the youngest of 6 I was afforded the opportunity to dance sing piano visual arts , music theatre circus clay workshop that has given me a Broad experience. Was imperative to my development. Schooling. as creativity as way of life.

Join us for a day-long immersive experience with artists and changemakers demonstrating how arts and creativity is transforming lives and building stronger, more connected communities.

Edith Cowan University Joondalup
Nov 06 2020