My research interests include human and non-human movement, multispecies ethics, and critical plant studies. At the moment I am researching for my current project on plant-human ethics for the arts. Recently I edited the volume of Prace Kulturoznawcze journal (2020) entitled Cultural Herbarium https://wuwr.pl/pkult/issue/view/812.

I hold a PhD in Cultural Studies (2012) and I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Wroclaw (Poland). I have completed basic Instructor in Choreotherapy training (2010), published a study on butō dance in Poland Intense Bodily Presence: Practices of Polish Butō Dancers (2018), and was involved in the international collaborative project STELLA (Somatic Tech Live Lab).

The Mind of Plants: Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence IS HERE! 

Join us for the book launch and be enchanted by a sharing of stories, dialogue, music and inspiration.

Santa Fe
Oct 28 2021