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Merinda Dias-Jayasinha is a vocalist, improviser, and composer. As a creative musician, she delights in storytelling and pursues musical excellence through her art and collaborations.

The Brisbane-born, Melbourne-based artist explores her artistry, jazz sensibilities, and impressive vocal ability through a number of diverse ensembles and projects, including celebrated Australian vocalist Gian Slater's Invenio Singers. In 2018 she released ‘​First Cycle’, ​the debut album of her string/voice quartet ​Meridians,​ and is currently writing a second album for the group. The debut album of her co-lead trio Strong Cotton Socks, ‘Falling Towards You’​ was released through ABC Music in March 2020.

She is currently exploring electronic vocal processing and composition in response to other art forms.

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020