Nessie is Director of the Global Environments Network. GEN supports a network of people dedicated to social and ecological justice, healing and planetary wellbeing. Nessie is a Spiritual Ecologist with a focus on agroecology, food sovereignty, health and food values within both the UK and abroad. Nessie has worked in Indonesia, India, Japan and within Europe on local and Indigenous communities’ rights to land for growing food, as well as the preservation of traditional artistic and cultural practices. She is a trained group facilitator and the creator of The Milking Parlour: an ongoing artistic discourse and set of performances exploring our human relationship to food and agriculture’s impact on biodiversity and climate change.

Nessie is an Associate Fellow of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and is also Managing Editor for Biodiversity – a Journal of Life on Earth.

An online symposium that brings The Mind of Plants contributors together to share their reflections and various learnings with plants.

Stories, poetry and sound across a diversity of human languages and geographical landscapes. Come and join us!

USC Sunshine Coast
Apr 09 2021