Osama Mah

Born in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and growing up in Lakemba in Western Sydney, Osama has always grown up in and amongst Islamic art and culture. Practising Arabic Calligraphy from a young age, many of his pieces amalgamated Islamic themes and his background in digital graphic design. One of his main interests is cultural expression through the medium of Art to build understanding and harmony between communities. Formal design training through TAFEWA included Pre-Press, Corporate Design and 3D Screen Animation completed. He started his freelance Graphic Design business, Violet Visual in 2016 to spread Compassion through design. He has worked with the Muslim Professional Network designing the theme for their multifaith event aimed at harnessing Muslim, Jewish and Sikh interfaith harmony and understanding. In 2016, he was also a part of the US State Department funded Hackathon. It was an initiative that involved collaboration with ECU, Curtin University and local government agencies. The theme tackled was finding ways to creatively combat Online extremism and involved presenting to members of Government locally and digitally to Jakarta. He has collaborated with Artists overseas and established the Corporate identity for Perth's most recent mosque. The Southern River mosque regularly participates in the National Mosque Open Day for cross cultural understanding with the broader Australian community. More recently, he presented at the Australian British Embassy in Rabat, Morocco as part of a Scholarship grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs. In 2019, he co-facilitated a workshop at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery as part of Harmony Day celebrations. Exploring human and cultural experiences through Art and Design continues to be an ongoing passion.

Join us for a day-long immersive experience with artists and changemakers demonstrating how arts and creativity is transforming lives and building stronger, more connected communities.

Edith Cowan University Joondalup
Nov 06 2020