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Penelope Glass is a theatre worker on two continents (in Australia and Chile). She is happiest when she is working with other people to create theatre that takes a critical and/or satirical eye to society's illnesses. She is accustomed to being tagged "stuck in the 70's", and very happy to bend anyone's ear about social justice and theatre. Known as the Jewish terrier, once into an issue or job she just can't leave it alone. She is a firm believer in the power and necessity of collaborative work. In her most recent reincarnation she is writing a PhD on prison theatre, co-directing a long-running theatre experience in the Colina 1 men's prison in Santiago-Chile, working with social activist group Colectivo Sustento, that combines theatre work in prisons and community gardening. She will never retire, and if forced to she will leave kicking and screaming.

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A leadership group supporting the Art Front project.

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