Perdita Phillips and thrombolites at Lake Clifton

Dr Perdita Phillips is an Australian ecological artist with a wide and experimental conceptual practice. Whilst materially diverse, underlying themes of ecological processes and commitments to a resensitisation to the physical environment are apparent. She has worked with termites, thrombolites, drains, rabbits (land degradation), salmon gum trees, urban wetlands, weeding and stygofauna. Her PhD (2003-2006) fieldwork/fieldwalking was based in the Kimberley. Creating ‘anticipatory aesthetics’ to widen the potentials in a narrowing world, Phillips has inhabited/exhibited widely including Invisible monsters: A tour of Perth’s underground pollution (Perth 2018), Make Known: The Exquisite Order of Infinite Variation (2018, UNSW Galleries), Here&Now2018: Besides, it is always the others who die, (2018, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery), Frankenstein GRID (Stanford University outdoor projection festival, 2018), Incinerator Art Award (2017, Incinerator Gallery), Another Green World (2017, Western Plains Cultural Centre) and Radical Ecologies (PICA, 2016). Residencies include Field_Notes – Deep Time workshop, (2013, Finnish Society of Bioart at the University of Helsinki Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Lapland), Walking and Art at Banff (2007) and the Australia Council Inter Arts residencies with SymbioticA for The Sixth Shore project (2009-2010) and Green, Grey or Dull Silver: art and the behavioural ecology of the Great Bowerbird, Chlamydera Nuchalis, residency (2007-2008).

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Nov 06 2020

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Aug 08 2020