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Raewyn Turner

Raewyn Turner is an interdisciplinary visual artist concerned with cross- sensory perception and the uncharted territories of the senses. She experiments with video, interactive installations, paintings and theatre performance, sometimes in collaboration with artists, musicians and scientists. She has worked with olfaction since 1999. Her works have been shown and presented in Spectra 2019, Limestone Coast Video Art Festival, Australia 2019, Big Anxiety Festival, Australia 2017, What Taste is the Colour Blue LA 2017, 1st Synesthesia Art Exhibition and Forum in China 2016, Periodic Table Italy 2016, Intimate Technologies, the Field UK 2016, Teknesyn 2015, ISEA 2015, 2013, Sinestesia, Ciencia Y Arte Spain 2015. 2012, 2009, MOMA LA, 11th Prague Quadrennial 2007, Argentina, Georges Pompidou Center, Te Papa Museum, and AFA NZ.

She was conceptual artist for Multisensory Concerts for the Deaf (Four Senses ) 1999, 2002, and set/lighting designer for 8 years with Split Enz and ENZO.

She did artists residencies at CEINT 2016, Monell Chemical Senses Center (Fulbright grant) 2011. Her art science collaborations include 2017-2020 with Harris and Froehlich, 2009 with Dr. Richard Newcomb, Plant and Food Research, NZ.

She is engaged in art and science residency with LAZNIA, Poland Through the Senses 2019 and 2021.

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