Rashmi Dhanwani has been managing and directing content in the arts and media domains for over eight years now. She has worked across various sectors, including news media houses, creative production houses, non-profits, arts organisations and festivals. Rashmi started her career with the newspaper Daily News & Analysis (DNA) in 2005 followed by a position with Breakthrough, a non-profit that promotes human rights using media education and pop culture.She also briefly worked as a Content Consultant with National Entrepreneurship Network, researching and writing profiles on India's hottest start-ups. In her volunteering positions, Rashmi associated herself with various causes and events such as Mumbai Unplug/ Batti Bandh, a green campaign started in India on the lines of Earth Hour 60 in December 2007; the Literature section of the Mumbai Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) 2008; and the Children's Literature section of KGAF 2009. Most recently, she was one of the key team members who executed India's first crowd-sourced, grassroots unconference – The Goa Project. In her last role, Rashmi managed PR and Corporate Communications for the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai (www.ncpamumbai.com), one of India's most prestigious arts organisations.

Rashmi started The Art X Company in October 2015. The company operates at the intersection of arts and access, uses curation, cultural production, and arts research to fulfill its aims.

When not multitasking for all or any of the above, Rashmi passes her leisure time in plotting to take over the world, singing, watching movies, playing with verse... and generally getting excited about everything between and including the insignificant and the colossal.

Conversations across the continents: A series of panels discussing cultural linkages between Australian and Indian artists hosted by Arts Nexus (Far North Qld).

Nov 09 2020 To Nov 11 2020