Richelle Spence is a Meeanjin (Brisbane) based transdisciplinary artist, facilitator and curator with 17 years experience. She has created a personal process methodology which allows her to proactively navigate the pathways between the worlds of live/installation art and working with the community from empowering platforms. Spence works through a site-specific lens by challenging the audient’s (audience and participant) concept of space and to reconsider themes such as identity, displacement, social and human rights. Her live/installation artwork explores the relationship of ritual, connectedness and co-creation. Her community work’s primary focus is on health and the environment, specialising in working cross-culturally and in the Mind Wellbeing (Mental Health) Sector with people of all ages and abilities.

The Australian arts sector's first 100% online conference + festival.

* PLEASE NOTE: No inflight meals will be harmed in the development and delivery of this event.  

Nov 01 2020 To Nov 30 2020