Member Profile : Rory Green

Hi! I'm a poet who grew up on the Central Coast and now lives in Sydney. I used to work with writing organization Subbed In organizing readings and workshops in Sydney and at the moment I am one of Voicework's online editors and assisting with the NYWF zine fair.

I have a big love for digital tools and technologies to help people create, organise and distribute things. I am hoping to try and organise some workshops in the second half of this year to help people learn how to use tools to make interactive fiction, mini games, etc.

I'm interested in being a part of Arts Front U30 to agitate conversation around access to arts resources for young people in regional areas, the incredibly poor funding arrangements for the arts at federal, state and local government levels, and how to train and encourage arts workers to grow spaces for marginalised artists, particularly those living outside of cities, in a way that is healthy and not exploitative of arts workers or artists.