I am a grandmother, artist, performer, puppeteer, designer living near the coast in Fremantle. I have spent most of my artistic live developing and collaborating on large scale community arts projects and performances both city based and regionally. The majority of my work has focused on both critical environmental and cultural issues world wide. I have had the good fortune to reside in many other countries working alongside creative souls of all ages. I thrive on work across many art forms, but don't survive well in the restriction of an office environment. I am happiest when submerged in water, playing with children, weaving, sketching, listening to music, dancing, photographing this extraordinary world, pottering in my garden, camping, sharing food, or exploring the Australian land and seascape. I cannot exist without art and do whatever is possible to use all my skills to develop a healthier, fairer, safer, loving and creative life within my professional and personal relationships.

Join us for a day-long immersive experience with artists and changemakers demonstrating how arts and creativity is transforming lives and building stronger, more connected communities.

Edith Cowan University Joondalup
Nov 06 2020