Member Profile : Shaun AKA Shaniquà Kerinaiua

Shaun aka Shaniqua Kerinaiua  is a Tiwi Island Sista Girl and emerging community leader.  Shaun is currently working  exploring and developing a community cabaret project to support and share the stories of LGBTIQA+ Aboriginal stories with Aboriginal director Ben Greatz. Exploring traditional elements from their culture merged with popular western style music, drag and choreography.

Sista - is a word used to refer to person in a respectful manner. The New Era of Sista Girls on the Tiwi islands (Bathurst and Melville) and are known as the Jilamaruwi (the new faces of Tiwi islands). Their group is made up of LGBTIQA+ people who are talented performers, entertainers, singers, songwriters, musicians and most importantly very passionate advocates of well-being on ALL health sectors. 

Shaun is interested in further exploring the intersection between his traditional culture and his queer performance practice and connecting with other artists working in this area. He is also committed to sharing the experience of being an artist in the NT, working in a regional and remote location.