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Currently Creative Broker at arTour, Steve Mayhew began as a freelance theatre director in the 1990s and quickly began leading and managing companies; Riverland Youth Theatre, Junction Theatre and Brink Productions. He has been Creative Producer for Adelaide Cabaret Festivals and Special Events Program Coordinator for the 2006 Adelaide Fringe. He guest curated the Hong Kong Fringe Club’s Australia On Stage program following his Asialink residency in 2008 and in 2014 he co-founded PADA (Performance & Art Development Agency) with Vitalstatistix’s Emma Webb to specifically present and commission new live art works and explore new organisational and producing models in Adelaide, South Australia.

Steve’s extensive work in regional Australia includes his influential role as Creative Producer at Country Arts SA between 2007-17 - commissioning many new works for touring and festivals across the country.

Steve was the Artistic Director of ‘Kumuwuki (Big Wave)’ 2012 National Regional Arts Conference and Festival and was more recently the Co-curator with Alexis West of the 2017 Australian Theatre Forum “About Time” for Theatre Network Australia.

Preferring to mine the areas where multiple art forms, communities and audiences meet, Steve has been involved in the development of new performances / installations as a director, writer, designer, composer, dramaturge and creative producer with many artists / festivals and organisations.

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