SFW Mind of Plants

Steven F. White is co-author with Luis Eduardo Luna of Ayahuasca Reader: Encounters with the Amazon's Sacred Vine and editor of El consumo de lo que somos: muestra de poesía ecológica hispánica contemporánea. Forthcoming website with Jill Pflugheber of confocal microscope images:  Microcosms: A Homage to Sacred Plants of the Americas (here). He recently retired from St. Lawrence University after teaching Latin American literature and film as well as Spanish and Portuguese language classes for more than thirty years.

The Mind of Plants: Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence IS HERE! 

Join us for the book launch and be enchanted by a sharing of stories, dialogue, music and inspiration.

Santa Fe
Oct 28 2021

Una jornada de cocreación de historias, reflexiones, imágenes y sonidos sobre nuestra relación con las plantas.

Uma jornada de co-criação, reflexões, imagens e sons sobre a nossa relação com as plantas.

Santiago de Chile
Jul 09 2021 To Jul 09 2021

An online symposium that brings The Mind of Plants contributors together to share their reflections and various learnings with plants.

Stories, poetry and sound across a diversity of human languages and geographical landscapes. Come and join us!

USC Sunshine Coast
Apr 09 2021