Bymount Creative Circle was formed in 2013, the purpose of the Creative circle is to raise the Creative opportunities and standards within our community and engage rural folks in personal expression through navigating and exploring their creative genius.  Bymount Creative Circle enriches the Maranoa region by fostering cultural and artistic awareness while providing opportunities for creative community interaction.  They foster an inclusive and supportive environment where participants can build self esteem, learn to express themselves in a creative artistic way and learn new skills through healthy creative activity. Members facilitate a wide range of workshops, not just in the maranoa region but across the South West, Central Qld and Northern Queensland and the western downs and darling downs. Close to 900 participants attended workshops organized by Bymount Creative Circle in the year 2020. 

Scenic Rim Regional Council and SWQ Regional Arts are presenting a series of 11 Arts Dinners in person and online.

South West Queensland
Nov 10 2020 To Sep 30 2021