Event Session - Little Lunch #33

Live Stream / Recording

Thursday 14th May, 12:00pm - 12:30pm AEST


We are in for a treat on Thursday for Little Lunch #33 with deaf creative practitioner and leading advocate for deaf inclusion Dr. Riona Tindal hosting a conversation with fellow deaf arts advocate Irene Holub on their lived experience, Auslan and access in the creative industries. What can we learn from our experiences during COVID-19 and how can we reimagine the arts of the future to be more diverse, accessible and inclusive?

Irene Holub, born deaf into a hearing family, became a social product of segregation and mainstreaming. As a sculptor, printmaker and painter and as an outsider searching for identity, she would use different mediums to disseminate and capture the symbolic language within her hands.  Patterns, connections, fragments and memories appear in Irene’s works as many layers of perceptions from within and from others. Her works have been shown at St Heiliers Gallery, FLOW festival, Women’s Gallery, Firestation Gallery, Melbourne Fringe Festivals and local contemporary events.  Recently directed and produced the sell out “Invisible Skin” show for the Melbourne Fringe 2019 at Loop Project Space Bar.

Deafness for Irene is a gift. She is passionate about education and empowerment. Throughout her art career and as a teacher, educator and advisor, she advocated for the right of young deaf people to have a voice. She has worked as a curator, workshop presenter and board director of Arts Access Victoria. Irene delivered art programs for youth and adults. Currently working as a creative director for the FLOW festival 2021 - Deaf Arts. FLOW festival will deliver a vibrant and unique festival of Deaf Arts by the Australian Deaf Community at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre.  It will showcase Auslan, Australian Sign Language through many different artistic forms.  www.flowfestivalaustralia.com....

Irene's art is a social movement, a documentation of those influenced by the mainstream who have (un)intentionally removed the rights of people to be different, Deaf and proud. www.ireneholub.com.au  or #ireneholub ( instagram)

Little Lunch #33 - Zoom Meeting

Key Points

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    Technically easier to connect now
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    Support Deaf community to enter mainstream
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    Fringe Festival employed Deaf person in Production team
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