Event Session - Little Lunch #43

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Thursday 28th May, 12:00pm - 12:30pm AEST


Sorry the youtube live stream is playing up this morning - we'll post the video after and you can join the zoom link above to view live that way!

The wonderful Caroline Bowditch (Arts Access Victoria) is back in conversation with groundbreaking performing artist Heidi Everett. In her own words, 'Heidi loves teaching and enabling shushed-up people the art of story telling, like producing Qualia theatre and directing Schizy Inc - and has been doing that professionally for the last decade. One thing that this Heidi really loves, is stuffing up the medical model of mental illness. It's not mental illness, it's bloody good survival!'

Heidi acknowledges sign must be taught by Deaf people. 
Please contact Qualia sign creator Hadley Johnson @auslan_otd (instagram) to ensure accuracy.

Viewers are advised this lunch is rated low level PTS
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Little Lunch #43 - Zoom Meeting

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