Event Session - Little Lunch #52

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Female performer laying on black floor facing down and head up.  With long red curly hair wearing a black singlet, patterned pants and blue shoes. Can only see part of her face through hair - no expression. Home page for Little Lunch Online (LLOL)
Kath Duncan on the floor at the Brisbane performing arts workshops the Last Avant Garde team organised, Feb 2019. Photo: Magda Labuda.

Thursday 11th June, 12:00pm - 12:30pm AEST

Live Stream


The wonderful series of access-focused Little Lunches being curated by the good folk at Arts Access Victoria resumes on Thursday. The amazing Kath Duncan joins Caroline Bowditch to pick up on one of the topics coming out of her Lunch with Maddie Little #38 - ‘is there a disability arts movement in Australia?'

Kath Duncan is a crip elder producer, researcher, writer, performer, who’s been within Australia’s disability arts scene since the mid 1980s.

Kath has worked for ABC, SBS, community tv and radio, and is co-founder of the queer crip spoken word cabaret troupe, Quippings.

Kath’s most recent project was chairing The Last Avant Garde: Disability and the Performing Arts in Australia  https://lastavantgarde.com.au/

Little Lunch #52 - Zoom Meeting

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