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Day 73 - Wednesday 1st, 9:00am - 3:00pm AEST

Montessori International College

Week 1: Listening to Nature

This session introduces the ideas behind acoustic ecology and how listening to the environment with new technologies can help us understand what is happening in the world today. Practical activities will include a sound walk where Leah Barclay will teach students new acoustic ecology techniques such as “listening with your feet” and Lyndon Davis and Brent Miller will introduce listening to the environment from an indigenous perspective.  

Nicole Voevodin-Cash will also continue the Billycan project to assist in the visual recording of being ‘in’ nature via walking, drawing, indexing - representing the bodily experience of the landscape.  This is in the form of tracking, mapping and digital drawing using a simple M.A.D.E Walking App. With the edition of another visual recording device a LANDscanner. This handheld scanner provides no barrier to viewing making the invisible, visible. Exposing an interplay of the moment of capture and digital dirt picked up through the process of scanning. These captured textures, surfaces and natural residue will develop a catalogue of visual images to be used and utilised for AR and VR exploration.

Students will be introduced to the idea of remote listening and will deploy a live streaming audio kit in the school and listen to the audio on a live sound map. The group will listen (in real-time) to other environments across the world through the global sound map and introduce the concept for Reveil 2019, a global broadcast for International Dawn Chorus Day, that will follow the soundscapes of dawn around the world for 24-hours.  

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We would like to acknowledge the Kabi Kabi people the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet. We would also like to pay our respects to elders past, present and future.