A white woman with long bright red hair stands in front of a microphone. She has numerous tattoos and piercings. She has sculpted eyebrows, dark eyeliner and long and intricate eyelash extensions. She is wearing a leather outfit and a blue glove.

Alison Paradoxx is an Award-winning Performance Poet, Producer, Event Host, Writer, and State Poetry Slam Champion.

Her work predominantly explores the clinical violation of the body, and the social model of disability, through self-narrative journeys. Weaving stories of stoic persistence as a childhood burns survivor, through experiences with scoliosis, eating disorders, surgical violation, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Alison explores personal detachment to the physical body, and articulates injury and trauma through metaphor, soundscape, and visual performance.

On the stage, Alison has performed in venues as diverse as the local pub, to The Sydney Opera House, and her work has been published widely. 

Her first solo production, Floral Peroxide, sold out its 2019 Adelaide Fringe season, and an encore performance was staged at the closing of the Festival. Floral Peroxide was granted the huge honour of winning The Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation Award, at The Adelaide Fringe Awards Ceremony, 2019. The production was awarded funding from The City of Melbourne Council to show at Melbourne's Butterfly Club, and continued for a second successful season at Adelaide Fringe in 2020.

Most recent works include live, performative sound art, in collaboration with her partner; Sound Designer, 5000 AD.

She is currently learning to play the musical saw.

Unpacking the Canada Council's $85m Digital Strategy Fund. What worked and what can the arts sector in Australia learn from it? 

Whitehorse - Yukon Canada
Feb 18 2021 To Feb 18 2021

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Mar 23 2020 To Sep 30 2020