One of the most distinguishing characteristics of my work is the factoring in of the general public into the arts activity. My practice is informed by our contemporary situation, her work is not informed by her own visions but on the integrated thoughts that pass through communities and community space, through these investigations I then constructs "something" that relates to place. The audience changes in relationship to the site and venue’s, with this interaction the art work activates the viewer, by creating a participant / collaborator.  When the public begins to feature prominently in the art making equation the staging area for art making can be anywhere. With these expanded venues I believe the artist becomes more integrated into society which help peoples understanding of art  and where its fits within our contemporary situation.

I have been working as a relational based artist for 20 years both nationally and internationally. 

Unpacking the Canada Council's $85m Digital Strategy Fund. What worked and what can the arts sector in Australia learn from it? 

Whitehorse - Yukon Canada
Feb 18 2021 To Feb 18 2021

Little Lunch Online (LLOL) was a daily online meetup and creative exchange to support the Australian arts sector during the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020.

Mar 23 2020 To Sep 30 2020