Eyal Chipkiewicz


In Australia since 2008, Eyal has made strides as an entrepreneur and community and cultural development practitioner. He is currently Managing Director of The Boite, an iconic music organisation that creates opportunities for music from diverse cultures to be heard and sung in Victoria. His former venue, Cruzao Arepa Bar, quickly became a cultural hub for those with a taste for everything Latin American. He then established Casa Cultura, an arts collective that harnesses the power of arts as a tool for social change. He also co-coordinates A Voz Limpia, a literary collective that brings together poets, storytellers and writers of all persuasions, mostly writing in Spanish, which has published 8 books to date. Throughout his trajectory he has worked as an engineer, graphic and industrial designer, percussionist, writer, editor and translator, and entrepreneur.

Little Lunch Online (LLOL) is a daily online meet up and creative exchange to support the Australian arts sector during the Corona Virus pandemic. 

Mar 23 2020 To Sep 30 2020