Koedal (Crocodile) and Waumer (Frigate Bird) woman Ghenoa Gela is a strong Torres Strait Islander from Rockhampton, Central Queensland.  Her background is in Torres Strait Islander dancing and since receiving a Diploma in Careers in Dance, she has been a Sydney based independent performing artist and creative, working across several mediums including Dance, Circus, Television and Stage.

Ghenoa was the winner of the National Deadly Funny Championships at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017.

Ghenoa also facilitates dance workshops in urban, regional and remote communities. She has worked in programs such as Young, Black & Deadly, ARMTour and Vibe Alive just to name a few. Ghenoa has also conducted dance workshops at the inaugural Boomerang Festival, as well as facilitated dance workshops for other regional and remote festivals. One of her highlights was helping to facilitate a program that helped an Aboriginal community to embrace new ways of creating new songs and dances for the future of their community.

Ghenoa’s arts practice is inspired by her family stories and her passion to share her Torres Strait Islander culture. 

Ghenoa Gela is an independent multi-disciplinary artist -  a maker, director, collaborator, facilitator, comedian and host. 

She aspires to inspire.

Some of her other credits include: MY URRAWAI – Performer/Writer – Directed by Rachael Maza, JULIUS CAESAR – Performer-Bell Shakespeare‘ YOU ANIMAL, YOU– Performer – Force Majeure MURA BAI– EVERYONE, EVERYONE- Choreographer/Co-Director with Artistic Director Danielle Micich NOTHING TO LOSE– Force Majeure – additional choreography with Kate Champion MOVE IT MOB STYLE – Choreographer and In-Studio Host ‘Top 100’ SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE AUSTRALIA 2014 DANCE SITE – Booraloola NT – Facilitator HOT BROWN HONEY Hot Brown Honey FRAGMENTS OF MALUNGOKA– WOMEN OF THE SEA – Keir Choreographic Award Winning show of 2016.

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