Nancy Black


I'm the Artistic Director of Black Hole Theatre, an independent small corss artform company based in Melbourne. Since 1993, Black Hole Theatre has created high quality visual theatre to explore the world and the human condition through puppetry and other genres. Together with our collaborators, we make visually driven work dealing with areas of political and social concern.  

We hone our projects through lengthy development periods to achieve the highest quality. We encourage innovation to explore our subjects more deeply and help develop the artform. Over the years we have invited other artforms into our practice including opera, film, dance, music, and physical theatre. We provide a dynamic platform for the artists to create innovative and exciting work.

A small company with a wide embrace, we are both diverse and inclusive. Black Hole places a high priority on inclusion and collaborates with artists from First Nations, CALD and LGBTQI+A communities. It is tough for emerging artists to gain experience in this field, and whenever possible we offer them skills development, consultation, access to networks, and the opportunity to produce work under our auspice.

Organisation Colleagues

What is the role of artists in changing our systems? This is a series for artists and arts workers to explore big ideas, how they relate to conditions in our sector, with provocations and opportunities to start imagining what change might look like.

Nov 04 2020 To Dec 02 2020