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Nimmy Raphel is the co-artistic director, resident actor, dancer, musician at Adishakti, a state of the art centre for performance lab. Originally trained in Mohini Attam and Kuchipudi from the premier institute at Kalamandalam, Nimmy has performed with Adishakti since 2001 in many of its charged, cutting edge, political theatre works: Brhannala, Ganapati, >span class="">nationally and internationally to high acclaim. Most recently, Nimmy has written and directed two new plays including Nidrawatham and Bali which received wide acclaim in India and internationally. Nimmy disseminates Adishakti’s performance method which relates the tantric centres in the body to movement behaviour and psychological and vocal expression in workshops held at Adishakti. In 2010, Nimmy received the APPEX Fellowship, which took her to Bali to collaborate with Indonesian dancer Sardono W. Kusumo to create a theatre production called Rama, Hanuman, Rawana. In 2012, Nimmy was part of an exchange program held in Korea between Adishakti and Performing group Tuida. Nimmy has received numerous awards including: The Junior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture in 2012-13 and The Vinod Doshi Fellowship in 2015. She was also invited to be part of Pro Helvetia’s Fellow as part of Taipei Arts Festival, 2018. Most recently, Nimmy was invited to Australia to attend the INCITE intensive 10 day masterclass, facilitated by Force Majeure in 2019 and was a Keir Award International Choreographic Fellow to Dancehouse in 2020.  

Unpacking the Canada Council's $85m Digital Strategy Fund. What worked and what can the arts sector in Australia learn from it? 

Whitehorse - Yukon Canada
Feb 18 2021 To Feb 18 2021

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Mar 23 2020 To Sep 30 2020