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Brisbane music sweethearts Pauline Maudy and Paddy McHugh welcome you into their world for the very beginnings of something special. 

Two accomplished performers from different worlds, one from Tamworth and the other from Paris, meet when they share a three-day ride to a North Queensland protest camp. They soon find out they have plenty in common - a fascination for powerful stories, passion for community and lust for a good song.

Born in France, Pauline is a multi-award-winning songwriter with a powerful voice. Known for her stage presence and multilingual singing, she forged her career with her international touring folk band MZAZA while writing and performing in the rock, pop, cabaret and jazz worlds

Paddy is a folk/country punk troubadour whose work stems from the great storytelling traditions. With an infectious energy and big heart, his delivery is honest, poignant and vivid. He is an accomplished musician and songwriter with a music career spanning two decades across country, folk and rock.

This is a collaboration that promises to make sparks fly.

You can check out their respective work at:

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