Event Session - Little Lunch #46

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Tuesday 2nd June, 11:30am - 12:00pm AEST

Live Stream


JUTE and NORPA - the silver linings in troubled times...a regional theatre perspective.

Julian Louis the CEO and Artistic Director at NORPA and Suellen Maunder Artistic Director/CEO of JUTE Theatre Cairns join Bec Mac to talk about the unique position regional Theatre Companies have found them selves in due to COVID 19 and the opportunities that have emerged to make new and exciting work!

Julian has published an article on the unexpected positives of COVID-19 - here's an excerpt:

NORPA has used this valuable time for future programming, project development and restructuring. As a team, we’re taking the opportunity to reassess what programming Lismore City Hall looks like, developing a youth theatre hub, and how we engage with more local artists and more communities in the Northern Rivers. We’re already planning our role in the rebuilding of Lismore and our contribution to cultural life in the region.

These unexpected outcomes accumulate, and we eventually settle into a new normal. How will we maintain the positives that have emerged though? When the treadmill starts cranking up again, how will we maintain our own natural pace of life? I hope to return with lessons learned, like investing more in things closer to home and nourishing those around us.

If we’re strong together, we’ll be alright. Resilience might be sparked by individuals, but it’s forged by communities, which is why we all choose to live here.


Little Lunch #46 - Zoom Meeting

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