Event Session - Responding to the Ecological Emergency

Live Stream / Recording

Wednesday 18th November, 1:00pm - 2:30pm AEDT


Join the zoom for Session 3 - Responding to the Ecological Emergency

One of the biggest indicators of the need for systems change is the climate and ecological emergency. Many artists are addressing this in their work and yet in Australia the arts sector has been slow to respond.

Activist, author and Director of ClimActs, Deborah Hart will share her work including insights into the way arts organisations are influenced by the Fossil Fuel lobby on this issue.

Dr Kim Loo, a general practitioner based in Western Sydney, will speak about the health impacts of climate change and the need to protect our children and our communities."We have an opportunity to improve the health of our people and planet. If we work collectively to push our government (local , state and federal) corporations and educate our population. Our new future is unfolding. And we all have to take part in this to make it a liveable one."

Responding to the Ecological Emergency - Zoom Meeting