Pippa Bailey, Creative producer/director/dramaturg

Pippa Bailey grew up on Wangal Land in Sydney, starting her career as a performer and reporter/producer with SBSTV. Following an art action at the Kyoto Earth Summit, Pippa spent many years in the UK where she was Artistic Associate, then Artistic Director for The Museum Of on London’s South Bank, then AD at oh!art @Oxford House, a community arts centre in East London where she pioneered participatory installation and collaborative arts practice. Pippa played with fire as Associate Director with The World Famous – innovate company of pyrotechnicians 2001-13, helping to create and tour large-scale outdoor shows, including signature events for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. She produced the Total Theatre Awards at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007-13 exploring how attitudes and expectations of cultural excellence are shaped, in an attempt to interrupt a class ridden, sexist, racist status quo. From 2007 she developed BiDiNG TiME, an international participatory theatre project highlighting the vital need to imagine new collaborative creative 'fairtrade' systems to empower women that adapt to place in response to environmental crisis.

Pippa moved back to Australia in 2013 working with Performing Lines, helping to produce the work of extraordinary independent artists including Ghenoa Gela, Branch Nebula, Nakkiah Lui, Amrita Hepi, Martin del Amo, Sue Healey, The Climate Guardians and Sandra Thibodeaux's Age of Bones. She was senior producer for Sydney Festival 2019 focusing on their outdoor and Western Sydney programs including Fly Me To The Moon, encouraging sydney siders onto their bikes to fly (ride) 768,00km to the moon and back to commemorate the moon landing and Shanghai Mimi, Chinese Australian circus cabaret.

Pippa has most recently acted as Director of ChangeFest19, then Co-Director (with Romana Paulson) of ChangeFestNT21, a national celebration of place based social change, collaborating with communities to create events designed to follow the lead of First nations people and accelerate change to create a fairer and more sustainable Australia. She remains passionate about the vital role that arts and culture can play to lead on climate action in order to facilitate a just transition to a sustainable future.  

Pippa is on the Advisory group of IETM – International Performing Arts Network (Brussels), and a board member of Theatre Network NSW. She is also a coordinator of the Regional and International hubs group at Culture Declares Emergency, UK.

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Arts Front Leadership Group

A leadership group supporting the Art Front project.

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A leadership group supporting the Art Front project.

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The Cultural Gardeners

The Cultural Gardeners - an Australian Cultural Alliance for Climate Action

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The Cultural Gardeners - an Australian Cultural Alliance for Climate Action

Cultural Gardeners - agenda tbc

Oct 25 2022 To Oct 25 2022

Cultural Gardeners - agenda tbc

Sep 27 2022 To Sep 27 2022

Cultural Gardeners - agenda tbc

Aug 30 2022 To Aug 30 2022

Cultural Gardeners - agenda tbc

Jul 26 2022 To Jul 26 2022

Cultural Gardeners - agenda tbc

Jun 28 2022 To Jun 28 2022

Reconciliation Day and innovations in how First Nations and non-Indigenous Australians are walking together

May 31 2022 To May 31 2022

Cultural Gardeners - Reviewing the first 6 months

Apr 26 2022 To Apr 26 2022

Focused on place based, radical localism and emerging conversations about systems change

Mar 29 2022 To Mar 29 2022

Where cultural policy meets environmental action and gender equity ahead of International Women's Day

Feb 22 2022 To Feb 22 2022

This meeting will focus on First Nations cultural leaders leading into Invasion day

Jan 25 2022 To Jan 25 2022

This second gathering will reflect on the recent COP26 meeting in Glasgow and start some working groups on issues raised in the first gathering.

Nov 30 2021 To Nov 30 2021

Cultural Gardeners Steering Group

Nov 16 2021 To Nov 16 2022

Reset: A New Public Agenda for the Arts offers two days and nights of thinking and discussion about how the arts and cultural sector could work to break out of the current impasse through a radical reorganisation of cultural practice and policy.

Adelaide, Kaurna Yerta
Nov 11 2021 To Nov 12 2021

Cultural Gardeners - Australian Cultural Alliance for Climate Action - Public Meeting

Oct 26 2021

Field Trip is an international research symposium investigating creative practice at the intersection of art, science, technology and the environment. 

Sunshine Coast
Sep 25 2021

Unpacking the Canada Council's $85m Digital Strategy Fund. What worked and what can the arts sector in Australia learn from it? 

Whitehorse - Yukon Canada
Feb 18 2021 To Feb 18 2021

Join us for a day-long immersive experience with artists and changemakers demonstrating how arts and creativity is transforming lives and building stronger, more connected communities.

Edith Cowan University Joondalup
Nov 06 2020

What is the role of artists in changing our systems? This is a series for artists and arts workers to explore big ideas, how they relate to conditions in our sector, with provocations and opportunities to start imagining what change might look like.

Nov 04 2020 To Dec 02 2020

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020

Little Lunch Online (LLOL) was a daily online meetup and creative exchange to support the Australian arts sector during the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020.

Mar 23 2020 To Sep 30 2020
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